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The Day of Atonement and the Heavenly Judgment
From the Pentateuch to Revelation
     This book, The Day of Atonement and the Heavenly Judgment, is the most comprehensive work dealing with the Hebrew ritual and its theological, typological, and eschatological projections of the message of the sanctuary as found in the Old and New Testaments. Actually, all the important issues dealing with the significance of the Hebrew ritual in law, history, and prophecy are studied carefully. Thus, the writer did not spare any effort to understand the principal issues under discussion in the book of Leviticus, Daniel, Hebrews, and Revelation, as well as in the many other legal and prophetic messages found in both testaments.
©1992, 720 pages
     For this volume, the author consulted the principal libraries throughout Europe and the United States over a long period of time. The opportunity of studying and working on several continents allowed him to understand different cultures and the way people deal with theological issues in diverse countries. This is why the reader will find in this work a careful consideration of many different approaches presented in the study of the Israelite sanctuary and of its fulfillment in the heavenly priestly ministry of Jesus, and specific answers to the different problems there involved.
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        Most of the material has also been published in Spanish, and more than two hundred French copies of the author's doctoral dissertation have been distributed by the author while he was teaching theology at the Séminaire Adventiste du Salève, Collonges, France. Apart from a few topics dealing with Leviticus and Hebrews – which were published by the Biblical Research Institute of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, this is the first time this material is published in English. This work was essentially completed while the author was teaching theology at La Sierra University.

Dr. Werner Vyhmeister: This book is “in a sense the culmination” of the research on this topic for more than a century. It “provides… the most comprehensive treatment yet published on this topic.” “It will be fore years an indispensable book for all who study in depth this fascinating subject and all its implications. The careful research of Dr. Alberto R. Treiyer through these years will help us to better understand what Christ is doing for us today in the heavenly sanctuary” (Former dean of the SDA Theological Seminary, Andrews University: Berrien Springs, MI).

Dr. Angel M. Rodríguez: “There is no doubt that you have gotten to summarize the results of many researchers and to add new dimensions of theological significance to the theme of the sanctuary” (Director of the Biblical Research Institute: Silver Springs, MD).

Dr. Gordon M. Hyde: “I have wept with penitence and joy over many sections, and in spite of reading… [this book] critically” (Former director of the Biblical Research Institute and former Chair in Religion at Southern Adventist University: Collegedale, TN).

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