Distinctive Messages for Today
The Apocalyptic Times of the Sanctuary:
Biblical, Historical, and Astronomical Confirmation
Seminar IV

   In this book, the reader will appreciate how the prophetic dates are remarkably fulfilled, precisely, in history. Science has permitted in recent times to verify even through astronomy certain key dates. But the reader will be able to appreciate more than exact historical fulfillments. He will see... how God moved in all those historical pictures. To understand God in the biblical prophecies is to understand God in history... All dated prophecies are projected within the frame of the Apocalyptic sanctuary which is the revelation of God's redemptive mission.
Herbert Edgar Douglass, Th.D., Lincoln, CA

"You've put a lot of work into the project so far. It's clear that you're being thorough... I appreciate the fact that ou tackle some difficult topics that others pass by. Examples are the question of what happened on the fourth day of creation (chap 1), what happened during the first 49 years of the seventy weeks (chap 5), in what year was Jesus anointed and began His ministry (chap 6), and elsewhere. You have a nice concluding discussion of the issues surrounding the question of what year Christ died. You include also a nice discussion of the heavenly tamid..."
Frank W. Hardy, Ph.D., Washington DC

"More than ever before we need solid, Bible based assurance that the prophetic waymarks that have led us in the past will continue to lead us into the future. Dr. Treiyer offers us solid cause to have confidence in those waymarks and inspires us to become ever more dedicated to being a part of the process that is bringing this world to its day of final redemption."
Dave Sydnor, M.Div, Monroe, GA

©2014, 372 pages
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