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The Mystery of the Apocalyptic Trumpets Unraveled
Biblical and historical certainties you will need for the world's last crisis

   In July of 2008, I was interviewed by 3ABN [Three Angels Broad-casting Network] regarding my book: The Seals and the Trumpets: Biblical and Historical Studies. As a result of that interview, I was invited to be one of the speakers for a theological symposium on the Trumpets at the headquarters of 3ABN in February of 2011. At that time, Pastor Joe O’Brien (pastoral staff at 3ABN), asked me about the possibility of summarizing my work into a small book. To accomplish this I had to rely on most of the vast documentation I had gathered and published in the former book. However, I decided to undertake the task because I knew such a summary would allow me to offer new arguments and touch on other important points of the prophecy I had not yet fully developed. Therefore, this new work, The Mystery of the Apocalyptic Trumpets Unraveled, should not merely be seen as a summary of my former work, but rather as a complementary document. In some ways, it can also be seen as a more definite answer to some questions usually raised today concerning this topic.

     "Dr. Alberto Treiyer, distinguished biblical scholar fluent in three languages and college/university professor, has done us all a favor by condensing in this volume his larger book entitled APOCALYPSE: Seals and Trumpets. This larger book is saturated with critical historical references that support his understanding of Revelation’s seals and trumpets. Frankly, I found this earlier book a remarkable presentation of how to interpret these biblical issues—so fair to the biblical text and so corroborated by the extensive historical record.
But now, this condensation is exactly what is needed when many have not the time to devote to a thorough analysis of what the trumpets, especially, mean today. What could be more important than reading what John the Revelator said would be the most important issues in our time?"

- Dr. Herbert Douglass, Th.D. (Lincoln, CA. June 19, 2011).

©2012, 75 pages
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For more information on the trumpets and a detailed discussion of the symposium on the trumpets that led to the creation of this small book, please see section in articles on: "Symposium on the Trumpets of Revelation."

For a response to Ministry magazine's article on the interpretation of the trumpets of Revelation published in January of 2012, please see section in articles on: "Response to Ministry magazine's article."

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